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ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) BIO

ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate
Contributor: Cori
July 18, 2010
ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) is:
1. energy-craving molecule present in all life forms
2. ATP assaults your senses with maximum sonic excitement.

Band History:

* After breaking up his former band, African Tribe Punk, sonic experimental guitarist Mug started to run "Bazooka recording Studio" in Tokyo. And
soon he started to look for members to form Adenosine Tri Phosphate. Fellow University of Chicago graduate Taata,
and LA's MI drummer Kazz were invited into the new ATP.

* The concept of the new band was....
"Pop Music with Punk Spirit..and Sonic Experimental Twist.....".

* CD, Sun Dancer. This allowed the band to move on to bigger venues,
ultimately leading to appearances on Japanese national television shows such as Zeus' Holiday and Jaka-Jan. Dash/Dash, a documentary styled program, touted ATP as the best thing in Japanese alternative music.

* Then, ATP decided to "live" in the studio. For more than 2 years,
ATP did not play in front of audience, and instead
they continued their search of new music in the studio by experimenting, producing others, and continuously recording...

* Aroused Zen Monk was the band's first album since Sundancer. It was a collection of songs ATP recorded during the time. And it became available to the world thanks to newly established media, Internet., one of the founder of the movement really helped ATP to gain many overseas Fans. In fact, their songs were downloaded more than ONE MILLION times.'s chairman, Mr. Robertson even mentioned ATP in his newsletter, as the Greatest unknown band from Asia, and as
the good example of Internet possibility.

* Aroused Zen Monk (Mp3 CD)
became one of the best sellers at, and even made Top 10 in
several College Radios...all without any promotion activity....thanks to
Mr. Robertson and Internet.

* ATP did the first overseas tour in 2000, visiting all over Asia. ATP finished the long exciting tour with Headlining appearance at "Psychedelic 2000" festival in HongKong.

* In 2001 ATP released the soundtrack for the anime movie Guilstein, an action/horror film based on the manga by Tamaki Hisao. CD is released from Universal/Kitty. DVD is released throu Shogakukan in Japan.

* In 2002 ATP toured all over Japan. Including headlining appearances at "All Tomorrow's parties 2002 Tokyo" festival and "Greater Tokyo" festival.

* ATP helped their friend J-rock singer Momoyo to reform the legenday "lizard". They played a few gigs and new lizard in Tokyo.

* From 2003 to 2004, ATP took a hiatus again in their recording studio.
Except for a few gigs in small clubs ATP spent most of their days in the studio.
The result was more than 50 new songs!
(Demo version of some of those songs are available from internet,
such as

* In 2005, ATP finally landed in USA. ATP did their first US tour in
in California/USA. Played in clubs and colleges.
(Thier performance at DNA lounge in SanFrancisco was Webcasted).................

* In January 2007, ATP's new maxi single "A Wish Away" was released. The song "a wish away" was already internet smash hit. (one of the largest US music site) rated the song the best J-pop. 5 more songs from 2003-2004 sessions and 2 Live takes from US tour were listed in this CD.

* In 2010, ATP finally finished mixing a long awaited new album "Welcome To My Psychedelic World". 15 new songs were recorded and mixed at thier new studio "Spider House" by themselves. They are planning to release the album sometime in the late spring in Japan, and a little later around the world. They are planning to tour in Japan and Australia.

* ATP is more active than ever outside of their studio, Mug says, " I think we finally found the way to play ATP right... we can now kick ass techinically and play pop tunes while still remaining experimental and punk....and rather emotional.