Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daisy Bar - Shimokitazawa

Daisy Bar - Shimokitazawa
Contributor: Cori
June 26, 2010

The Daisy Bar is one of many live houses in Shimokitazawa. It is a bit further to get to from the station, but not much. About a 7 min walk.

This is a really great club. There seems to be plenty of space, and the bar is around the corner a bit from the main stage so you can actually communicate and hear while order some drinks.

There was only 1 or 2 small tables pulled back against one of the walls but it wasn't that crowded this night due to heavy rains, so it wasn't that big of a deal.
There was also some steps that seemed to be littered about, and people hanging out and sitting down around those, which made the club seem a bit more cozy. This is a really good spot to hang out with some friends, drink and relax I think.

The staff was pretty cool too. I talked to the guy taking money out front for a few minutes and he was great! Thanks whoever you were ;)

All in all I'd give this club a 5/5. Even the rain couldn't wash this place out.

The directions to the club are pretty easy as well. Here's the directions I got from K-Go the night I went to see Honeydew play there:

Take Odakyu line or Keio Inokashira line to Shimokitazawa.
Get out at Shimokitazawa Minamiguchi (South Exit)
make left at McDonald's.
make right at First Kitchen,
go straight down the curvy street for a while.
Walk pass Italian Tomato Cafe Jr. .
Make left at the corner of shoe store "Step in Step"
Daisy Bar is located in the left hand side of the street.
And it's in the basement.

Or, watch this video. Direction to Daisy Bar

If you like a more relaxed live house, come check it out for sure!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Club Goodman - Akihabara

Club Goodman - Akihabara
Contributor: Cori
June 23, 2010

Club Goodman is one of the best live houses that I've been to, and I've probably spent more time here than any of the others.

The sounds quality of this house is excellent, and the staff is very friendly. They have a great backstage dressing room area, which some of the other houses don't have. I think this is a plus when going back to talk to the band members away from the noise but still within the club. Additionally for band members it's great because they have an actual place to change, and keep some equipment until it's their turn to setup and go on stage.

They have several tables in the floor which is good, and on one of the far side walls there is a long bench for many people who might want to sit down. Additionally, under the loft where the sound guys sit, there is another sitting area with tables and chairs.

This house is amazingly simply and quick to get to from Akihabara station. Just walk out the Showadori Exit, out of the station and past Yodobashi Camera on the left. Cross the street, and make a right. Walk down 3 side streets and make a left. Club Goodman is about 20 meters down on the right side, past the music store, and is located in the basement (as most are).

Pricing for this place is about the same as the others, around 2000-2500 yen depending on the headliners etc. Again, this is pretty standard.

Club Goodman has a really nice screen where they play music videos, etc. during intermissions. Very cool! Additionally, they have several TV displays and cameras to record the shows, which I haven't seen in many of the live houses.

All in all, Club Goodman ranks as one of my top 3 live houses in Tokyo.

Please find their link here, and go out to visit them sometime!
Club Goodman


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Monday, June 21, 2010

ATP New CD Review

ATP New CD Review
Contributor: Cori
June 21, 2010

I recently picked up a copy of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP)'s new CD
"Welcome To My Psychedelic World".

This is a truly amazing CD. It encapsulates everything ATP has done in their career, and nicely encodes it into a brilliantly mastered Psychedelic theme.

For those of you who do not known ATP, this is a Japanese band formed by 2 members Taata & Mug who met at the university in Chicago. They joined additional member Kaz and began making music. They have also had various other musicians play bass and keyboards for them. The most recent being the lead guitarist/vocalist for the band Zero, who's named is Kojiro.

ATP's brand of music is experimental, rock & psychedelic. Their most popular hit was 'Here we are', although recently I've had a lot of people express to me their interest in getting the English translation of 'Raining in Kyoto' which is another brilliant song.

It always amazes me when I see ATP live. I usually get to the live house a bit early because I like hearing all of the bands. What I can never get over, is that after listening to the other bands, and ATP comes on, you realize that this band is in a whole other level of greatness. It's like watching your friends garage band headline for Aerosmith or something. A rather large difference. This band has the look, they have the sound and they are immensely professional about their music.

Their latest CD seems to combine all of their skill and sound and rewind them into this masterpiece of music. It has some lighter songs compared to their earlier stuff, and the sound of Taata's voice is very clear. There is also a deep air of ambient sounds throughout the cut, which adds layers of depth and ties together the whole arrangement.

Some of my favorite cuts from this CD are Arabian Moon, which brilliantly uses technological wizardry to to manipulate Taata's voice as she lifts her voice and carries you away.

Another is 奇妙なバタフライのお話 (Strange Butterfly's Chat). The track is one of the deeper on the CD, but for me it brings back the feeling I got from one of my all time favorite tracks 'Into Color' which hit a melancholy nerve so deep that few songs have been able to do.

TNC is another cut on this CD which I should mention. This song was orginally un-named, but turned out to be so good that it's been carried at nearly every show they do. I get the feeling that this song would make a great soundtrack for Ghost in the Machine, Deus-Ex and many other popular Anime.

In fact, ATP has done soundtracks for famous Anime such as Guilstein.

I recently caught ATP's show at the live house, and talked to the band. After talking to them it's easy to forget how great their music is, and then they jump on stange to transport you to another world, and you remember.

Mug is is one of the most versitile guitarists in the business, and Kaz's drumming is rock solid through every show I've seen. Taata's voice ties the whole package up nicely and makes this band one of the best headliners I've seen for any live house, ever.

Do yourself a favor, and check this band out, and pick up this CD!

Please also check out ATP's Website


It dawned on me at the we early hours that I should probs do a blog related to music, but it's a big part of who I am, what I like and how I live. I go to live house quite frequently here so I'd like to start giving the bands I see an honest review in English and hopefully gain them some additional exposure.