Thursday, August 12, 2010

ATP Shibuya Lush Live

August 12, 2010
Contributor: Cori
Got out to see ATP tonight. Really nice show this one, because the sound system at Lush is great. You can check out my review of Lush to see what I said about that.

I really got a great feel from the band lately. They seem to be getting back to their roots a bit, and more into a new feel of some older sounds such as from the 60's and psychedelic era.

From the 1st song, I don't know if it was the almost candlelight feel from the Live house, but it sounded a lot like The Doors. I kind of got that same excitement.

Taata started off the show talking about being short their violinist. Me and Taku (another of their friend) looked at each other and laughed. Certainly they've never had a violinist.

The show consisted of only about 4 songs. This is pretty typical of most of the shows due to how many bands that generally perform. They each get about 40 minutes to play.

The sound tonight was just amazing. I could see it from the crowd there too. They just stared with their mouths agape, totally not expecting to see this level of music from an ordinary live house showing.

ATP's music is truly professional, so I feel lucky I get to see them each time.

Unfortunately, on this night I didn't have my camera or anything. Taku brought one of his. Hopefully I can see some of the video he recorded and/or get him to post it here.

I really had high hopes for my iPhone to do some better video at the live shows, but the microphone is horrible. I can only hope to bring a good camera. I do plan on getting a more compact camera with HD video soon so I can always keep it with me and post stuff from the live shows.

Getting back to the show, Taata's voice was amazing tonight, and so was her keyboarding. I feel for them a bit because they are short a bass player. Taata fills in nicely tho with the keyboards and synth.

Mug was flawless on the guitar as well. He's really stepped up lately as well due to missing bassist. He's also having to play some new rifts more psychedelia related. So it's been very fun to watch.

I talked to Kaz for a bit before the show. He seems to have had some driving trouble lately :) Good thing for him he doesn't have any problem with the drums.

I being a drummer myself, am in awe sometimes at the licks he plays, and the way he makes it look effortless.  The guy is one kick-ass drummer, and he really brings the whole show together.

As you can see he's usually in the dark, but they really need a spotlight on him at times. Great job to Kaz as always!

If you haven't been to an ATP show, you really need to make it out to see this band. They are definitely one of the top bands I've seen in my 5 years here in Japan. You won't be disappointed.

Check out a few videos from one of their live shows:

ATP Live Show Chiba-ZX Part 1
ATP Live Show Chiba-ZX Part 2

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