Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shibuya Lush

Lush - Shibuya
Contributor: Cori
August 12, 2010

I had the chance to make it out to a new place this week! At least for me that is. The name of the place is Lush, and it's located in brilliant Shibuya.

The club is about a 5 minute walk from Shibuya Station. Take Hatchiko Exit and turn right, walk down behind the station, cross the main intersection, then turn left and cross over again. Turn right and walk up the street 2 rather long blocks, take a left, and about 20 yards down take a right and you will see it on your left. It's in the basement. Look for some red marble stairs leading down.

The club itself was rather uncrowded, which is pretty typical of most of the Japanese live houses. It was great for me because it gave me room to walk around and pick a good spot to watch the bands from.

There was very few chairs, but it seemed as if there was just enough crowd to fill the maybe 20 chairs and 3 tables they had, plus a few (like me) standing.

The lighting in this live house was not great. It looked pretty cheap. They did have a mirrored ball, but it was in the corner and it didn't even disperse the light. The stage lighting was just a few colored can bulbs as well. One thing I did like about the lighting is that between sets, the had a low incandescent lighting which gave the feel of candlelight.

A few things that really shined about this club was the amazing sound system. It was crystal clear, and sounded like a great theater sound system rather than a live house. I was pretty impressed. I didn't feel like I was getting shock hammered from all sides like in most of the live houses, and I could really enjoy the music more.

Another thing was that the staff was very cool here, drinks were cheap and when I ordered my Gin & Tonic (extra strong) they quickly hooked me up with no complaints, and even gave me some complimentary snacks! Very cool!

For a centrally located live house, with a great sound system, this is surely a great place to go hang out. There is also a Kuiana Burger right behind their building in case you are hungry :)

I'd give this place a 4/5, but if they'd do something a little more dramatic with the lighting they'd easily get 5/5. This place is well worth the visit, and I will be seeing more shows there in the future.

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