Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Contributor: Cori
August 11, 2010

I was out at a new club called Lush out in Shibuya on Wednesday night to catch up with Mug, Taata, Kaz & Taku from ATP, and I got to see a rather young band with some potential.

They are fronted by a female vocalist/keyboardist (Maho) who has the voice of a siren. Honestly, their first cut was very experimental sounding with elusive, winding background melody, and Maho weaving her siren's spell.

I was really excited at first because it had an amazing feel, somewhat similar to Sígur Rós, who's antics of singing non-lyrics and ghostly harmonies still draws in many a would be melancholist.

I did become a bit disappointed however, because the band seems to be mismatched. The guitarist kept cutting into a tirade and leading the band to a style which seemed at least to me, not to suit them. He was a very *good* guitarist, but I felt as if Maho's lyrics and singing style are much different.

I felt myself going through mood swings during the show as they sometimes hit these perfect experimentals, while Maho worked the crowd with her beautiful voice, but then, off they go into a pop song, and back. I wasn't sure where they wanted to go, or even if they knew where they were going.

I haven't heard this much potential from a young band in a while. If I could offer my advise I would tell them to tone back the fast rifts, work the experimental, slow and haunting background sounds, and let Maho lead and work her magic. This bands power is their vocals.

I talked to Maho after the gig, and told her how beautiful her voice was. I also asked if they had a website, which sadly they don't still. I think they are a bit young, but I'm holding out high hopes for them to pull it together!

I will probably go see this band play at least once more to make sure I have a proper feel.

If you like melancholy, experimental styles, this band might be for you.

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